Visiting Scholar

The group welcomes Dr. Vijayakumar Chakkooth from National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST) of India visiting us from March to May. Dr. Vijayakumar Chakkooth is currently a Principal Scientist of the Chemical Sciences and Technology Division at NIIST. His visit is supported by the prestigious Raman Research Fellowship. Welcome to Purdue and look forward to working together!

New members

The group welcomes a new postdoc fellow and a visiting student joining us in Feb 2022: Dr. Hyojung Kim from Seoul National University (Prof. Ho Won Jang group) with a prestigious Korean Research Foundation fellowship; Hyojung will be working on OSiP transistors and memory devices. Mr. Leonardo Franquilino from Federal Institute of Science and Technology of Sao Paulo; Leonardo will work on processing and characterization of novel recyclable polymers. Welcome to the group! Looking forward to working together!

Group member news

Our group alumnus Dr. Yao Gao joined Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) as a professor of materials science. Congratulations!

Our fifth-year graduate student Aidan Coffey receives the prestigious LBNL Advanced Light Source (ALS) postdoc fellowship. He will be joining LBNL (with Dr. Chenhui Zhu) and University of Houston (with Prof. Lakis Mountziaris and Prof. Alamgir Karim) as a joint postdoc fellow in May. Congratulations!

New members

The group welcomes two new postdoc fellows joining us in Jan 2022: Dr. Hanjun Yang from Brown University (Prof. Ou Chen group); Hanjun will be working on novel OSiP nanomaterials and heterostructures. Dr. Seok Joo Yang from POSTECH (Prof. Kilwon Cho group); Seok Joo will work on high performance OSiP LEDs and solar cells. Welcome to the group! Looking forward to working together!

New publications

Wenchao and Sheng-Ning’s spotlight article on OSiPs for electronics has been published in ACS Applied Electronic Materials. Read the story here.

Our collaborative review article on Near-infrared Organic Electronic Materials has been published in Advanced Materials (celebrating Prof. Yang Yang in the Hall of Frame). Read the story here.

New student

Yuanhao Tang joins our group as a first-year graduate student. Yuanhao receives his BS and MS in Materials Science from Zhejiang University. He will be working on halide perovskite materials and devices at Purdue. Welcome to the group!