Review paper published

Enzheng’s review paper entitled “Two-dimensional halide perovskite nanomaterials and heterostructures” has been published in Chemical Society Reviews. Congratulations!

Over the last several years, there has been tremendous progress in the development of nanoscale halide perovskite materials and devices. Particularly, the emerging two-dimensional (2D) forms of halide perovskites are attracting more interest due to the long charge carrier lifetime, high photoluminescence quantum efficiency, and great defect tolerance. Interfacing 2D halide perovskites with other 2D materials including graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) significantly broadens the application range of the 2D materials and enhances the performance of the functional devices. In this article, we review the progress of the above-mentioned topics in a timely manner and discuss the current challenges and future promising directions in this field.

Jia’s paper in Nat Mater

Our collaborative work “thermochromic perovskite solar cells” has been published in Nature Materials. Smart photovoltaic windows represent a promising green technology featuring tunable transparency and electrical power generation under external stimuli to control the light transmission and manage the solar energy. Here, we demonstrate a thermochromic solar cell for smart photovoltaic window applications utilizing the structural phase transitions in inorganic halide perovskite caesium lead iodide/bromide. The solar cells undergo thermally-driven, moisture-mediated reversible transitions between a transparent non-perovskite phase (81.7% visible transparency) with low power output and a deeply coloured perovskite phase (35.4% visible transparency) with high power output. The photovoltaic windows showing both photoactivity and thermochromic features represent key stepping-stones for integration with buildings, automobiles, information displays, and potentially many other technologies.