Currently, there is a strong demand for new materials and technologies toward energy-efficient devices. Semiconducting materials play an essential role in energy harvesting and conversion devices. Solution-processed semiconductors, both inorganic and organic, hold great promise, but are currently limited by relatively lower performance and higher cost. By combining the best of two worlds, hybrid material provides a new solution.

Materials research plays a key role in connecting physics, chemistry, and engineering toward functional materials with better performance. I have broad research interests in the fundamentals and applications of solution-processed organic and inorganic semiconductors for a variety of energy harvesting and electronic devices, including solar cells, photodetectors, light emitting diodes, etc.

Using halide perovskites and organic conjugated polymer/molecules as the model system, we combine chemistry and chemical engineering principles to develop new hybrid materials with new functionality, investigate the assembly behavior and transport phenomenon at interfaces, and apply them into electronic and photonic devices to improve the efficiency and reliability. Chemical synthesis, advanced structural, optical, and electrical characterization, and electronic device fabrication techniques will be employed in the Dou Research Group.


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