Group Members


Postdoc Fellows

Enzheng Shi

Dr. Enzheng Shi  (since Oct 2017)

  • Ph.D.: Peking University, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Email:
  • Project: Perovskite Nano Structures


Yao GaoDr. Yao Gao  (since Oct 2017)

  • Ph.D.: Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS, Polymer Chemistry and Physics
  • Email:
  • Project: Organic – Inorganic Hybrid Materials


Graduate Students

Blake Finkenauer

Blake Finkenauer (since Nov 2017)

  • Undergrad: Virginia Tech, Chemical Engineering
  • Email:
  • Project: Polymer – Perovskite hybrid Materials



Akriti (since Nov 2017)

  • Undergrad: Birla Inst Tech & Sci-India, Chemical Engineering
  • Email:
  • Project: Halide Perovskites for Solar Cells and Optoelectronics



Aidan Coffey (since Nov 2017)

  • Undergrad: University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Email:
  • Project: Halide Perovskites for Solar Cells and Optoelectronics


Zitang Wei  (since Nov 2018)IMG_0215

  • Undergrad:: UC Santa Barbara, Chemistry
  • Email:
  • Project: Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials



Sheng-Ning Hsu  (since Nov 2018; co-advised with Prof. Bryan Boudouris)

  • Undergrad: National Taiwan University, Chemical Engineering
  • Email:
  • Project: Organic and Hybrid Materials for Bio-sensors


Undergraduate Students

Thao Nguyen (since Sept 2018)


Adam Troutman (since May 2019)

  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Email:
  • Project: Hybrid Perovskites


Visiting Scholars/Students

Haimin research group

Dr. Haimin Li (since Dec 2018)

  • Title:  Associate Professor of Materials Science
  • Home institute: Southwest Petroleum University, China
  • Email:


Cindy Lorena Atencio Martinez  (since June 2019)image1

  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Home institute: Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá D.C., Colombia
  • Email:


Zhou's potrait

Binghan Zhou  (since July 2019)

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Home institute: Tsinghua University
  • Email:


image_1006181552Tong Lin  (since July 2019)

  • Major: Materials Science and Engineering
  • Home institute: Peking University
  • Email: