2017 Fall:  CHE 211 Thermodynamics (co-teach with Prof. Jeff Greeley)

2018 Fall:  CHE 211 Thermodynamics (co-teach with Prof. Jeff Greeley)

2019 Spring:  CHE 597 Organic Electronic Materials and Devices

2019 Fall:  CHE 330 Introduction to Molecular Engineering

2020 Spring:  CHE 211 Thermodynamics



Purdue Solar Rollers Day: We taught middle schoolers at Purdue’s Forney Hall of  Chemical Engineering about solar energy and then build contraptions using solar panels with them together.


IMG_4201  IMG_4204

GERI Super Summer: we taught engineering lessons in electricity, rockets and other topics


Summer STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) for Girls: we helped inspire the next generation of young women in STEM fields


Murdock After School Science club: we teach science topics ranging from density and the scientific method to luminescence to third grade students who don’t have access to being taught science in their curriculum