New papers

Our Nature Chemistry paper regarding the synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite quantum wells is online now.  Read the Nat Chem paper here.

Using this concept, we demonstrated highly stable lead-free perovskite thin film transistors with high charge carrier mobility.  Read the JACS paper here.

These works are also featured in Purdue news release, Chemical Engineering news release, nature research community article, Science Daily, EurekAlert!etc.

New research papers

Yao’s Nature Chemistry paper and JACS paper have been accepted for publication. These two milestone papers address fundamental chemistry and device application issues of 2D organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites incorporating semiconducting organic ligands. Big congratulations to Yao, all lab members, and our excellent collaborators!

Please check back later to see the official press.

New members

We are excited to have new postdoc fellows Dr. Kang Wang , Dr. Wenchao Zhao (co-advised with Prof. Bryan Boudouris), and visiting scholar Prof. Aihui Liang and Diana Fonseca to join the group! Both Kang and Wenchao got their PhD from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science. Prof. Liang comes from school or chemistry and chemical engineering of Jiangxi Normal University. Diana comes from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Welcome to the group and we should take a new group picture!