Review paper

Enzheng’s review paper on halide perovskite heterostructures have been published in Accounts of Materials Research. This work is highlighted as an inside cover. Congratulations! This is a summary of our recent work in the past three years. Credits go to all my group members and collaborators. And a big thank you to Prof. Jiaxing Huang for the invitation!

A. Varma Fellowship

Akriti is selected to receive the Arvind Varma Fellowship in recognition of her great contribution in fundamental study of anion interdiffusion in perovskite heterostructures and her leadership in teaching and mentoring. Only 1 recipient each year from the school, in memorial of Prof. Arvind Varma, a giant in chemical engineering. Congratulations!

Visiting student from IIT

Ajeet Singh from IIT Delhi Department of Chemistry (with Prof. Sameer Sapra) is selected for the India’s Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship (OVDF) and will stay with us from May 2021 to May 2022. Congratulations and look forward to working together!