New Publications

Aihui and Ke’s paper on “Tailoring Anchoring Groups in Low-Dimensional OSiPs” has been published in Small Structures. Check it here.

Akriti and Lin’s review paper on “Anion diffusion in two-dimensional halide perovskites” has been published in APL Materials. This paper has been selected as Editor’s pick and journal cover! Check it here.

Special feature issue of halide perovskite for photonics and optoelectronics in Optical Material Express has been published, in which Dr. Dou is a guest editor. Check the special issue here.

Second Dou group PhD

Aidan Coffey successfully defended his thesis today! — Second PhD in our group. Big congratulations! Aidan is heading to Advanced Light Sources at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California as a joint ALS postdoc fellow (Dr. Chenhui Zhu) with University of Houston (Prof. Lakis Mountziaris). Best of luck in your future endeavors! We will continue collaborating with you!


Prof. Dou has been awarded tenure and will be Charles Davidson Associate Professor starting this summer. Big thank to all students, group members, colleagues, friends, and family’s help and support!