New Publication

Kang and Linrui’s work on Lead-free organic-perovskite hybrid quantum well LEDs has been published in ACS Nano. Congratulations! Read the story here.

We report Sn(II)-based organic–perovskite HQWs employing molecularly tailored organic semiconducting barrier layers for efficient and stable LEDs. Collaborating with Libai Huang group, we demonstrate the energy transfer from organic barrier to inorganic perovskite emitter occurs faster than the intramolecular charge transfer in the organic layer. Incorporating a bulky small bandgap organic barrier in the HQW, charge transport is enhanced and ion migration is greatly suppressed. We demonstrate a HQW-LED device with pure red emission, a maximum luminance of 3466 cd m–2, a peak external quantum efficiency up to 3.33%, and an operational stability of over 150 h, which are significantly better than previously reported lead-free perovskite LEDs.